The ONLY 5-Star luxury Enviro Gold Motel in Christchurch Central.

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Owner/operators Leon & VIvien are committed to pushing ahead with environmental improvements in this Five Star Enviro-Gold Christchurch motel.

Our Mission Statement

“We believe in protecting the beautiful environment of Canterbury that we live in and enjoy, and want to ensure that both our children and your children and grandchildren can visit and enjoy it too. Arthur's Court Motor Lodge has been ensuring our business and guest experience can be the best it can through a sustainable viewpoint. We actively try to reduce any adverse effects through buying wisely, using resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly, and providing an environmentally and socially responsible experience to our guests.”

Our Initiatives


  • Monitoring of all energy consumption.
  • We got a grant from EECA for an extensive solar hot water system and monitor water and power as part of the grant conditions.
  • Double glazing in all windows of the motels.
  • All units fully insulated and lined for maximum heat retention. Heat pumps installed in all units, individually controlled.
  • Blackout curtaining in all units.
  • All lighting is low energy, using energy efficient bulbs.
  • Extensive solar hot water system installed for 12 units.
  • Timers installed on hot water cylinders to maximise solar heating.
  • Main cylinders have two elements, the top one a booster to ensure hot water is available at all times for guest comfort, the bottom one to heat the cylinder to 60*C on the night rate when necessary.
  • Washing machines in motel laundry are front loaders using approx one quarter of the water of top loaders, and only heating the amount of water they require for each load to a set temperature.


  • All toilets dual flush.
  • Efficient garden watering scheme, held hose for pot plants.
  • Flow restrictors installed in showers which reduces flow to an acceptable level while providing a good shower – 10l/min.
  • Flow restrictors in sink and basin taps - 6l/min.
  • Monitor water use monthly.


  • Lawn clippings put into council compost bin. Dual rubbish bins under sink in units – allowing guest recycling.
  • Compost/worm rubbish bins in units (Small bins with lids)
  • Worm farm for organic compost, and worm juice used on garden plots as fertiliser.
  • Provide enviro supermarket bags in each unit. Placed in kitchen and noted in room folders.
  • Rubbish sorted into different bins.
  • Cleaning – towel change policy. Standard towel policy as per compendiums.
  • Toilet rolls now wrapped in biodegradable paper, not cellophane.
  • Old tea towels/linen/towels used for cleaning.
  • Soap recycling – partially used soap is recycled for bio fuel. Bathroom amenities sourced for their environmental reasons.
  • Rubbish in bins is compacted by stomping on them.
  • Recycle paper(office). Box of recycled paper used for printing when practicable. Compendiums printed on recycled paper.
  • Ensuring re-use of old motel chattels. Linen and bedding to Womens Refuge and Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  • Pay all bills online to reduce paper wastage and carbon imprint.
  • Brochures etc returned to office for reuse by future guests - notes in compendium.
  • Use 300ml milk containers rather than small 10 ml longlife milk to reduce waste. Old milk containers are recyclable with plastics. All guests offered a choice and can turn down milk if not needed.
  • We invite guests to re-use water containers with our lovely water. Noted in room folders under services and environmental sections.
  • Use of a bagless vacuum cleaner or a reusable vacuum cleaner bag.
  • Virtually eliminated garden sprays by employing a gardener to pull weeds out.



  • Monthly donation to New Zealand Conservation Trust, based at Willowbank Wildlife Park, for the Great Spotted Kiwi, the only kiwi indigenous to the Canterbury region.
  • Hire of the portable cot at $10 per night and we make $5 as a donation towards the Great Spotted Kiwi.