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Probiotic Cleaning Products

Leon and Vivien at Arthur’s Court Motor Lodge take immense pride in the cleanliness of all their motel accommodation. Between guest visits the units at this 5 star Christchurch motel are thoroughly cleaned including spraying the beds to reduce the effects of dust mite allergies and completely removing and sanitising every toilet seat. The extremely high hygiene standards are a major reason why so many people come back to stay again at Arthur’s Court motel.

Probiotics in ProgressOne of the main factors behind this excellent standard of cleanliness is the exclusive use of PIP or Probiotics in Progress cleaning products. Not chemical based, PIP products represent a new generation of hypo-allergenic cleaning products, containing good bacteria in order to lower the risk of problems with undesired micro-organisms, which is great news for allergy sufferers. By using the PIP products a layer of good probiotic bacteria is established on the treated surfaces thereby creating a healthy microbial community resulting  in a stable and safe environment.

The below table shows how PIP cleaners are preferable to standard disinfection:

PIP Compared to Disinfection

PIP Products That We Use

PIP Allergy Free Spray
PIP Allergy Free is a bacterial spray for the treatment of textiles such as beds, pillows, clothing, curtains... Through the introduction of safe probiotic bacteria on the textile, the risk of problems with dust mite allergies and pathogenic bacteria becomes strongly reduced.

PIP Floor Cleaner
A very versatile and efficient cleaner enriched with safe probiotic bacteria. It can be applied to all kinds of floors with a long lasting effect on dirt, cleaning and degreases fast and thoroughly. It is completely safe to use, removes unpleasant odours and has a nice smell of spring mint.

PIP Interior Cleaner
Like the PIP Floor Cleaner this is  also a very versatile and efficient cleaner enriched with safe probiotic bacteria which can be used for numerous applications on other interior surfaces like kitchen benches, tables and bathrooms. Like all PIP products it is biodegradable, non-flammable and not volatile.

PIP Daily Sanitary Cleaner
This daily sanitary cleaner, enriched with safe probiotic bacteria, is used for heavily contaminated sanitary rooms.  It creates a stable and healthy microbiota in the environment, making disinfection in most cases completely redundant.

PIP Hand Gel
PIP Pure Clean Hand Gel is the perfect hand sanitizer when cleansers and water are unavailable. Our product formula contains alcohol to kill germs and healthy, probiotics to replenish your skin with "healthy" bacteria to keep your hands sanitized and soft for up to 8 hours.  This product leaves no scent when dry on hands.

PIP Hand Soap
PIP Hand Soap uses the same Probiotic principle as any other PIP product. The hands become colonised with good bacteria during washing and as a result the risk of cross-contamination is decreased.